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Goal Setting - A Right Brain Approach
Perchance to Dream

Spend two days examining your dreams for the future and discovering what is important to you.

Who will benefit?

People who would like to

  • Start setting and achieving goals
  • Have fun exploring dreams and possibilities
  • Move through blocks to getting what it is they really want
  • Clarify their desires in all areas of their lives from relationships to leisure activities
  • See what is truly important in their lives and how to give that more prominence
  • Learn techniques for creating what they really want
  • Spend a weekend in a casual and creative atmopshwere where they can begin to bring their dreams to fruition

Results of a study conducted with alumni, 10 years out of Harvard

  • 83% had no goals
  • 14% had specific unwritten goals. Their earnings were 3 times that of the 83% group
  • 3% had specific written goals and earnings 10 times that of the 83% group