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"Marlyn is the creator and facilitator of several workshops as well as a trainer of trainers. Her greatest gift is her genuine love of people just as we are. she has a very warm and nurturing personality, a natural ability to reach out to others, and a  wonderful sense of humour. A good listener, she is an insightful "seer" into the heart of the moment. Marlyn speaks frankly while still communicating her loving support."
                                    Lynette Halldorson Jackson

During the past 8 years I have designed and facilitated several workshops including Assertiveness Training, Career Exploration, Goal Setting, Stress Management and Transition thought Creativity as well as individual workshops fashioned to meet the unique needs of organizations.  My understanding of the tremendous importance of communcation in buisness comes from my experience as both an employer and an employee.

-Marlyn Farrell