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My commitment with Conscious Choices has been to create an atmosphere that is safe and challenging where people find the encouragement needed to move forward in their lives and become more of who they truly are.  Participants are invited to respect and support one another, to take risks and to have fun while learning skills that will assist  them in  their  lives.

The seminars available  are for individuals,  groups, and teams of management and staff.  

In business, I believe the most important element is employees and their attitudes toward work and customers. Time and dollars directed  into acknowledging and inspiring employees is money well spent and the rewards are increased productivity profitability and improved morale.

The focus in all the workshops is on experiential learning through a variety of techniques including exercises,  discussion, and brief presentations, combined in a manner that enhances integration of the material. 

Seminars are presented  on a regular basis in Victoria British Columbia and other locations on Vancouver Island. Arrangements can also be made to bring the workshops to your area. For information about arranging a seminar in your city,
Contact Conscious Choices