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Be Your Own Best Friend

Through a series of experiential exercises, music, visualizations, lecturettes, role playing, and group discussion; in a safe, caring, environment you will have the       opportunity to explore and become aware of your ways of being in the world. You will then be in a position to live your life from a place of conscious choice rather than reaction or  habit.

Who will benefit?

  •  People who function well in most areas of their life but have one or two areas where they would like to improve
  • People who are interested in personal growth and enhanced relationships with self and others
  • People who have difficulty recognizing their feelings
  • People who would like more ease in expressing their feelings
  • People who would like to say NO without being angry or feeling guilty
  • People who would like to learn to set limits
  • People who would like to learn the difference between anger and violence
  • People who have trouble asking for what they want
  • People who want increased self esteem and confidence
  • People who try to please others to keep peace
  •  People who would like to communicate more effectively

Topics Covered

  • Passive, Aggressive and  Assertive Behaviours
  • Communication Model 
  • Anger vs Violence
  • Listening Skills
  • Boundaries
  • Personal Strength